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Have a Taste of Kiteboarding

    Not sure if kiteboarding is for you? Take this 1 hour taster session to find out!

    $100pp 1 Hour Setup + Flying of a Kite (group of up to 6)


    West Oz Kite & SUP offer the intro lesson for customers who are keen to have a bit of a taste of power kiting before committing to a course of lessons. Intro lessons are the perfect introduction to the exciting world of water and land power kiting.

    The Intro lesson is exactly what it sounds like, an introduction to the worlds fastest growing and most exciting water sport, kiteboarding. You get to see what it is like to fly a powered trainer kite under the instruction and guidance of one of our trained IKO instructors.

    You will learn about:

    • safety and release systems
    • how to rig and launch a kite
    • kite control and steering
    • correct flying technique
    • understanding the wind window
    • how to generate and control power
    • relaunching after a crash
    • how to land the kite safely

    For More information contact Sonya on 0438 591 755 or email us

    For gear enquiries: Call Jason on 0411 510 514 or email us to discuss gear options.

    Our location of Shoalwater Bay, only 35 minutes south of Perth is the best location in WA for lessons, with its cross shore breeze and sheltered waters from the surrounding islands you will not be blown out to sea or onto shore and there are no boats/swimmers/obstacles so you can just focus on your kite and board.

    What to Bring - a towel, bathers/boardshorts, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are recommended.

    This is not an official "IKO Level" Lesson, it is just a taste of kiteboarding to see if you might like to progress with further lessons

    Terms & Conditions -

    DEPOSIT / CANCELLATION POLICY - upfront payment is required upon booking a time (or you can pay the full amount upfront). Refunds are not permitted however postponement is OK provided at least 1 week's notice.


    Internationally Accredited Professionals

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    Lessons: 0438 591 755
    Gear: 0411 510 514
    We promise to provide the best instruction, service and advice to get you out on the water!
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